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Commercial Ant Extermination in Lexington, South Carolina


Drive Back the Ants

They’re coming in droves to colonize your cupboards and pantry. They’ve infiltrated the walls of your business so they have a protected path to steel tasty morsels of food, but the age of ant colonization is over. Fight back against their advances with commercial ant services from The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc.

Treating the Whole Problem

We’ve been waging war against ants since 1983, so we know how to fight back. Treating outdoor anthills on your property can only do so much good. We treat your building inside and out to kill the ants and put up a protective barrier to prevent them from coming back. Our technicians are trained to find the source of the ants so they can plot the most effective method to tackle your ant problem.

The Right Treatment

No one wants ants crawling all over their belongings, and when one ant comes, many more follow. There are 25 species of ants that commonly infiltrate homes and businesses in the United States. We can protect you from all of them. Not only are ants a nuisance, but they also pose a health risk by contaminating foods and products. We recommend exterminating ants as soon as you notice them.

Our Services

We offer three main services for commercial ant treatment. The first is a one-time service. If you only have a small problem, this might take care of it altogether. Our other two services are designed to fit the needs of your business.

Monthly Service

As the seasons change and as time goes by, your property becomes more susceptible to an ant problem. We offer monthly pest control services to keep your ant problem decisively at bay. With our monthly service, we’ll work around your schedule and show up for treatments month after month.

Cleanout Services

When you need the job done well, but you want to protect the contents of your building, opt for a cleanout service. We’ll remove everything and treat problem areas around your property, like kitchens and pantries. We can incorporate cleanouts into a one-time service or schedule a regular cleanout service.

The Ants Don’t Stand a Chance

Take down your six-legged enemy with help from The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. Our professional-grade pesticides are specially manufactured to be highly effective and ecofriendly. Call your go-to team for bug-related problems.