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Commercial Bedbug Pest Control in Lexington, South Carolina


Fight Back Against Bedbugs

Lurking within the fibers of mattresses and box springs everywhere are terrifying creatures. Only 4 to 5 mm long at maturity, these little monsters feed on human blood and can live for months without food. If your commercial establishment has a bedbug problem, it’s time for you to go to war.

Unexpected Guests

Inns, hotels and hostels need to run a tight ship to meet the needs of their guests. If you own one of these businesses, you’re in the business of sheltering strangers, which means you can’t always control who or what comes in. Bedbugs are effective hitchhikers: They travel on clothes and in luggage, putting the hospitality industry at extreme risk for outbreaks.

Bedbug Behavior

Introducing a single pregnant bedbug into an area can result in an infestation. For this reason, it is important to treat for bedbugs as soon as you notice a problem. They’re resilient little bugs that hide in crevasses and come out to feed every three to seven days. They can live for several months without food, even longer in cold months, making them incredibly difficult to get rid of.

Treating the Problem

The only way to effectively shut down a bedbug infestation is with a professional bedbug service. The pests are resistant to many common pesticides and hide in difficult-to-treat areas. Our professional team is trained to seek out hiding bugs and kill them. We cover the whole area to make sure that eggs and hiding bugs are exterminated.

Our Bedbug Services

We offer monthly services to come back and treat for any pests that come into your business. We also offer cleanout services in which we remove everything in an area and treat for bugs with our environmentally friendly pesticides. These services are especially important for bedbug treatment because they hide in nooks and crannies of clutter for extended periods of time.

The Promise of a Good Night’s Sleep

Bedbugs are a well-known hazard of the hospitality industry, but they also affect healthcare facilities and boarding school dorms. Without professional bedbug services from The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc., your honored guests are at the mercy of the little blood-sucking critters. Protect your guests from the threat by calling our team to treat your rooms.