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Commercial Mosquito Reduction in Lexington, South Carolina

mosquito bite

Enjoy the South Carolina Summer

Our beautiful state encompasses a lot of swamp land, which means mosquitoes just come with the territory. However, when visitors come to your commercial property, the last thing you want is for them to get eaten alive by the little blood-suckers. To make the South Carolina summer more enjoyable, we offer commercial mosquito reduction in the Midlands area.

Elevate Experiences

A mosquito reduction is ideal for outdoor venues. Whether you’re running a world-class golf course or renting out plantation grounds for weddings, you need to get rid of some mosquitoes so that your customers can spend their time enjoying the outdoors. Their hands should be used for swinging golf clubs or toasting happy couples, not swatting away the insects. That dream can easily come true.

Providing a Safe and Healthy Environment

In addition to being annoying and making you itch, mosquito bites can have serious consequences. While North American mosquitoes are less disease-ridden than those in other areas of the world, they are still known to carry the West Nile Virus and other sinister illnesses. Reducing the mosquito population, even in a small area, makes that area much safer.

Mosquito Reduction Treatments

Our treatments can dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property. Our powerful, colorless, odorless pesticides kill mosquitoes and larvae in the areas we treat. The materials we use are specially formulated to be ecofriendly and safe around people and pets.

Schedule a Treatment

Make use of the space you have with a mosquito reduction service. We can do monthly service or come on an as-needed basis. Call our team, and we’ll find a treatment schedule that works for your business.