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Commercial Roach Extermination in Lexington, South Carolina


An Ancient Bug Problem

What if we told you that ancient creatures live in sewers, dirty alleyways and under your floors? Cockroaches may not be giant reptilian monsters, but they’ve been around since the time of dinosaurs. These pesky critters are hardy little monsters themselves. Not only do they look disgusting, but they also carry diseases with them everywhere they go.

Understanding the Health Risks

Everyone hates cockroaches, but many Americans are actually allergic to the insects. Even people who are not allergic to them are susceptible to diseases brought by roach bacteria. The 33 kinds of bacteria, six varieties of parasitic worms and seven other kinds of human pathogens are a testament to your need to eliminate the disgusting creatures.

Protecting Children From Roaches

Many people see cockroaches in school buildings, but while children might find them fascinating, roaches pose a major health risk. Children are especially sensitive to the negative effects of roach allergens, which worsen asthma symptoms. Allergens can be found anywhere roaches have been but are usually introduced by cockroach saliva and droppings or by their decomposing bodies.

Systematic Elimination

Once the bugs get in, you need a perfect storm of pesticides and tactics to get them out. We first assess the situation, then develop a specific and detailed plan, incorporating long-term residual sprays with baits, gels and traps for your business’s treatment. We then implement the appropriate plan with careful and precise action. The cockroaches won’t stand a chance.

Roach Services

We offer one-time services to treat the cockroach infestations, but our other services can help beat back the problem long term. We offer monthly services when we come in and treat for cockroaches every few weeks. Additionally, our cleanout services remove everything from an area so we can give your business a deep extermination treatment.

Clean Out Your Property

If you have a roach problem, get it handled right away. If our hours don’t work for your business schedule, we’ll arrange an appointment outside our usual business hours so that our services work for you.