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Commercial Rodent Extermination in Lexington, South Carolina


Noises in Your Walls?

When you hear scratching noises, it could just be the noises of your building or the wind entering your vents. However, if those noises are combined with other telltale signs of a rodent problem, you need to call your local exterminators, The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc.

How to Detect a Rodent Problem

Mice and Rats are not clean lodgers. When they take up residence in a building, they leave subtle clues everywhere. Sawdust around little holes in the walls, droppings and mysterious bite marks on wires and food packaging are good indicators of an infestation. You don’t need to see one scamper across your floor to decide it’s time to call pest control.

Securing a Healthy and Safe Environment

Any wild animals living in an area make that area dirty and unhygienic, two characteristics you don’t want people to associate with your commercial establishment. Rodents destroy boxes, paper and plastic and feed on human food sources. They leave behind urine, saliva and feces that may contain viruses and bacteria. If you have a mouse or rat problem, you need backup fast.

Eliminating the Threat

We use a variety of methods to effectively rid your business of mice and rats. Traps come in three main varieties: snap traps, glue traps and live traps. We also set up bait stations. All rodent exterminations come with a degree of risk, but our exterminators are specially trained to lay traps and bait in the most effective locations that are safely tucked out of the way.

Prevention Methods

Once mice or rats have entered your commercial space once, it’s easier for them to do it again later. The best way to fight that eventuality is by treating the space with pest repellant and by blocking up old mouse and rat holes in the walls. The goal is to get them out, then to make it harder for them to get back in.

Our Mice and Rat Services

Like our other commercial pest services, we offer one-time service or monthly service packages, if you have a reoccurring problem or want to make sure you don’t. Our clean out service, when we clean everything out of a kitchen or pantry then treat the area is a popular service against rodents. If you need a service, call to set up an appointment. We’ll work after business hours to fit your schedule.