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Mouse & Rat Extermination

How To Determine if you Have Unwanted Rodents

  • Noise. Rodents can make quite a bit of noise, including scratching and movement in your walls. You will usually hear these sounds at dusk and at night when they normally become active as they search for food. Rats are easier to hear, as they are much larger in size than mice. If you hear strange noises at night from your attic, walls or crawlspace, call Bugman Pest Elimination immediately!
  • Droppings. You can usually find rodent droppings easily. They can be as small as a grain of rice for mice or as long as a penny for rats. They are generally dark brown. If you see these droppings, then you know for sure that you are in need of rodent services, and you should call Bugman Pest Elimination immediately!
  • Grease marks on woodwork. You may notice what looks like grease marks along rafters, baseboards or beams. This grease can be left behind by the unkempt fur of rats that tend to get dirty over time. If you see these marks, call Bugman Pest Elimination immediately!
  • Holes in walls. Rat holes in walls are generally large (2-3 inches in diameter) and definitely larger than a mouse hole. If you see fresh wood shavings or indications that the hole was just made, you may have detected them before too much damage is done. Call Bugman Pest Elimination immediately!
  • Burrows around your home. Rodents will generally make burrows to get to and from your home. You may see rat burrows around fencing or piles of wood or other things that make good camouflage for them. If you notice burrows around your home, call Bugman Pest Elimination immediately!​
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  • Chewed wires around entry points. A very common entry point to homes is via central AC connections. Often, these are not protected well and make for an easy entry point. Rodents tend to chew these wires, causing your AC unit to malfunction. When this happens, you should consider that a rodent may have chewed through one of your electrical wires. If you notice chewed wires, call Bugman Pest Elimination immediately!
  • Snakes. Rodents are prey as well. If you see snakes or shed snakeskins in your garage, crawlspace or even in your house, the chances are good that snakes are there hunting for rodents. If you notice snakes or snakeskins in your crawlspace or garage, call Bugman Pest Elimination immediately!
  • Rodent odors. Rodents often have a pungent odor about them, which is one of the reasons they have such a dirty reputation. You or your pets can definitely smell them, especially if there are multiple rodents among you. They smell, and their urine smells. If you detect rodent smells, call Bugman Pest Elimination immediately!
  • Restless pets. Trust your pet's reactions. If you have a cat or a dog and they seem to be agitated or more animated than normal, it may be because they detect or see a rodent before you do. If your pets tell you that you have rodents, call Bugman Pest Elimination immediately!
  • Actual sightings. Of course, if you see a rodent, there is no longer a doubt at this point. If you have rodents, it is inevitable that you will eventually see one at some point. This is not a time to panic. Call Bugman Pest Elimination immediately!