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Termite Protection

Avoid Costly Damage to Your Home or Business

Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
Termites are familiar to us as wood-eating insects that threaten homes with their diets. There are more than 2,500 kinds of termites. Three of the four major kinds of termites are found in North America.
Termites can feed off of wood as well as paper and paper products, such as books, insulation and parts of swimming pools.
Every termite colony has a social system. The queen and king termites are at the top of the colony, and their roles are to help the colony reproduce. Termite royalty is unique in the insect world because they can live for several decades. Queens can live 50 years under the right conditions. Soldiers and workers typically live a maximum of two years.
In addition to having a queen and king, termite colonies also have soldiers to protect the colony. Worker termites perform other functions, such as taking care of the queen and gathering food.
Termite infestations are often noticed in the spring; this is when swarmers (winged termites) come out and start looking for new places to start colonies.
The presence of mud tubes, also referred to as earthen tubes, is another common sign of termite infestation. These tubes are extensions of a network of tunnels that termites build in places like foundation walls, support piers, sill plates and floor joists.
Don’t let termites do thousands of dollars of damage to your home! Call Bugman Pest Elimination now for a free termite estimate for your home!

The Bugman Pest Elimination Protection Program

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The good news is that you don't have to take chances and hope that termites never find your home. Bugman Pest Elimination can protect your home before termites attack. When Bugman Pest Elimination treats your home for termites, you can count on them using the very best pesticide on the market.
Termidor is the number one termite defense in the U.S. When Bugman Pest Elimination combines Termidor with our life-time guarantee (certain conditions apply) and with annual service inspections, nothing can protect your home better from the threat of termites. Termidor employs the world’s most advanced, undetectable technology, so termites can’t avoid it - and you won’t even know it’s there.
Your home is vulnerable!
It doesn't matter if your home is old or brand new. It doesn't matter where it is located or how it is constructed. Your home is susceptible to termite attack!
Every year termites cause billions of dollars in damage!
For homeowners like you, that means thousands of dollars in repair and restoration costs. This is damage that your homeowners insurance won't cover. Chances are, you'll never even see evidence of termites or the damage that they do until it's too late.
Our plan is much better than bait stations.
Bait systems do not seek out termites. They rely on termites finding the bait station for it to do any good. The bad part of this is that there is no guarantee that termites already in your home or the ones on their way there now will ever find the bait station at all. And even if the termites do find the bait stations, it can often take several months for them to control the colony. That is several months of expensive damage to your home. Termidor starts working immediately, and the entire perimeter of your home will be protected.

Termite Protection Plans for Home or Business

  • Homeowner protection plan
  • $1 million damage repair
  • Prevention treatments
  • Corrective treatments
  • Home builders preconstruction treatments
  • General contractors preconstruction treatments
  • Termite GREEN protection
We can fix that!
As a licensed South Carolina homebuilder, we can accommodate your repair needs in the event you have termite damage in your home. Our pretreatments ensure a termite-free foundation in your Columbia, South Carolina, area home or business.
Your home is your castle! Protect your investment with the help of the experienced team at Bugman Pest Elimination.
Contact us today for your free termite evaluation at 803-638-8537.
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