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a black widow spider hanging in its web from a window


Why Spiders Come Into Lexington Homes

Spiders may be frightening, but most of the time, they’re nothing to worry about. In fact, they’re so common that they’re just a fact of life for most homeowners. You’re just never going to get rid of every single spider in your house. However, there’s a difference between a couple of dozen spiders crawling around your home and a couple thousand....

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a mouse in the corner of a kitchen eating food


All The Ways Mice Get Into Columbia Homes

When it comes to pests, house mice are on the cuter, cuddlier end of the spectrum. They’re fuzzy and tiny. They hold things with their little hands. They have big eyes and wiggly noses. They’re so adorable that many people keep them as pets. Sometimes, this cuteness makes people think a mouse infestation is no big deal....

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