Mouse Control 101: A Helpful Guide For Columbia Homeowners


Mice are a ubiquitous pest you will find in Columbia, and across the U.S. There are several mouse control methods that you can use to help keep mice out of your home. These include sealing off any entry points where the mice might be able to get inside. You can also set out traps to catch any mice who manage to enter your home. Most importantly, Pest Control in Columbia is available from The Original Bugman Pest Elimination Company, which provides guaranteed quality pest control services.

Characteristics Of The Common House Mouse

The common house mouse is a small, gray rodent that is known for its tendency to invade human homes and other buildings. Despite their small size, common house mice are incredibly adaptable and can thrive in a wide range of environments.

The various types of mice you might encounter are typically distinguishable by their small size, soft fur, long tail, large ears, and blunt snout. They are also known for their ability to jump great distances and climb up walls with ease.

The Many Dangers Of Having Mice In Your Home

While common house mice do not pose much of a threat to humans directly, they are often associated with the spread of various diseases, including the potentially deadly Hantavirus. Mice can also contaminate food and surfaces with their droppings. In addition to the health risks posed by mice, they can also cause significant damage to your home and belongings by gnawing through walls, wires, furniture, and more. For these reasons, it is important to take measures to keep mice away from your home.  

Five Simple Yet Effective Mouse Prevention Tips For Around Your Home

Mice can be a serious nuisance in your home, causing damage and making it difficult to enjoy peace. If you're looking for ways to get rid of these pesky pests, here are five tips that may help:

  1. There are several different traps available that are specifically designed to keep mice at bay. Some popular options include humane traps and ultrasonic pest repellers.
  2. Seal up cracks and holes in your home's exterior. Mice are expert climbers and burrowers, so they can quickly find their way into your house through any small openings they come across. 
  3. Set out deterrents around your home. There are several different scents that mice dislike, including peppermint oil, citrus peels, ammonia, and mothballs.
  4. Try natural remedies such as herbs and essential oils that are known to be effective rodent repellents. Some popular options include cloves, pepper, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil.
  5. Remove any potential food or water sources inside your house and on your property. Bird baths and pet bowls are examples of mouse attractors.  

Be persistent and consistent in your approach to mouse prevention. With time and persistence, you may be able to eliminate these unwanted visitors from your home. In the end, house mouse pest control from a professional will be necessary to effectively keep these pesky rodents out of your home.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home

Mice can be a pesky and difficult pest to get rid of, but professional home mice control services from The Original Bugman Pest Elimination offer an effective and reliable solution. Our professional technicians have years of experience identifying the right techniques for effective mouse control services.  You can rest assured that your Columbia home will be free of these unwanted rodents. Contact us today to learn more about our services and start living mouse-free!

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