How To Keep Pests Away This Winter

Cleaning Gutters

When the outdoors gets cold, pests want to find somewhere warm to live for the winter. They will seek the warmest place they can find and that could be your home. There are ways you can protect your home from pests this winter, and here are a few ways to get started.

Remove Any Nearby Debris

Old wood and excess mulch resting near your home are popular nesting sites for pests. Once they've got a foothold close to your home, they'll work at getting inside. Removing this debris makes it harder for them to hang out close by.

Keep Trash Cans Sealed

Open trash cans are a source of food for pests that live outside. If they find that your home is an easy place to eat, they'll look for ways to get inside and hang around longer.

Seal Up Exterior Cracks

Even if there are no convenient nest sites or food outside your home, some pests will still come around to investigate. Cracks in your home's siding or stucco are an open door to these home invaders, so have these sealed as soon as you spot them.

Don't share your home with invading pests this winter, keep them out with these simple tips. To find out more about protecting your home from pests, and how to get rid of any that show up, contact us at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. 

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