What You Need To Know About Preventative Cockroach Treatment In South Carolina


While many pests in South Carolina can be challenging to keep out of, cockroaches are one of the worst of all. They are difficult to control, and they are also quite dangerous as they can spread dozens of diseases, including salmonellosis and gastroenteritis.

These invasive pests can quickly spread throughout an entire building for a few reasons, such as:

  • They are resistant to many pesticides and can even survive for about a week without their heads.
  • They reproduce quickly, so their numbers grow exponentially.
  • They can hide in many out-of-sight areas, such as inside of walls.
  • They can survive on many different food sources, including small crumbs.

For these reasons, eradicating cockroaches is a difficult task, especially using DIY methods. So, the best way to handle cockroaches is to take steps to prevent them in the first place. In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to do just that.

Identifying Cockroach Infestations

To start with, it’s a good idea to know the signs of cockroach activity so that you can diagnose if you already have a problem or not. The main signs of cockroaches include:

  • Having a strong, musty odor that wasn’t there before.
  • Finding discarded eggshells or cockroach skins.
  • Discovering brown smear marks around walls or appliances.

If you don’t notice any of these signs, this means it’s an excellent time to take some cockroach prevention steps.

Cockroach Prevention And Cleaning

To start protecting your property from cockroaches, it’s best to deep clean throughout your home. Roaches love clutter, so clean up excess clutter both inside and outside.

Then, you should focus heavily on kitchen spaces. Cockroaches love humidity and access to food, so they often congregate in kitchens. Clean under heavy appliances, in the back of cupboards, and inside of cabinets.

Last, make sure to implement regular cleaning habits. This means doing dirty dishes often, sweeping and mopping floors, and cleaning up food and drink spills right away. Also, keep garbage cans covered with lids and take out the trash regularly.

Five More Cockroach Prevention Tips

After focusing on cleaning around your property, there are a few more simple but effective steps you can follow to further deter cockroaches, including:

  1. Sealing up holes in the walls and foundation to make it more difficult for cockroaches to get in.
  2. Fixing or replacing broken screens in doors and windows.
  3. Addressing moisture problems by repairing leaky plumbing and using dehumidifiers in especially humid rooms.
  4. Installing door sweeps and weather stripping throughout.
  5. Keep any pet food stored inside and in airtight containers that cockroaches can’t get inside.

Taking steps to prevent cockroach infestations is well worth the effort. However, once cockroaches get inside your home, these steps, while still important, are less effective at getting rid of an existing infestation.

What If You Already Have Cockroaches?

If you’ve found signs of cockroaches around your South Carolina home or business already, trying to remove them on your own is rarely effective and is usually a waste of time and money. While you might be able to remove some of the individual cockroaches, most over-the-counter products just aren’t strong enough to remove the infestation for good.

Instead, make things easy for yourself by contacting the experts at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. We have decades of experience that allow us to remove cockroach infestations swiftly. We also provide ongoing pest control plans to keep them from coming back.

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