How To Get Rid Of Spiders In South Carolina Homes


Spiders have such a creepy reputation that a condition has been identified that some individuals struggle with involving fear of spiders known as arachnophobia. In nature, spiders have some benefits in helping to limit the population of many insects and other unwanted creatures. Spiders are arachnids that are somewhat closely related to ticks and scorpions.

They are predatory, and many types construct elaborate webs that are used for trapping prey, while others lay hidden waiting to ambush their prey.

While many venomous spiders are dangerous, the vast majority pose minimal human health risks. Are wolf spiders poisonous to cats, dogs, and other pets? Because our pets tend to have a smaller body size, they may experience pronounced symptoms when bitten by a spider.

Why do birds eat spiders? Birds are opportunistic scavengers that will eat many smaller species of spiders when possible.

Are you noticing spiders everywhere around your home? Keep in mind that this is commonly a sign of an underlying problem with insects or other creatures that spiders prey upon. 

What Type Of Spiders Invade South Carolina Homes?

Some of the most common spiders found in this region include wolf spiders, yellow garden spiders, brown recluse spiders, and black widows. The two that pose the greatest danger to humans include the brown recluse and black widow, as they possess a more potent venom than most types. Because of their relatively small size, these pests can navigate their way indoor through holes in screens, gaps below exterior doors, or small openings near utility line pass-throughs. 

What Spiders Are Looking For In Your South Carolina Home

Spiders are unlikely to remain in any location that lacks a source of food; therefore, homes with plenty of insects are among their likely targets.

Property owners should consider taking measures to prevent insects such as by cleaning up crumbs and spills. It is also important to take preventative measures to exclude them from entering by inspecting the exterior area of the structure for any points of entry. 

Why You Don't Want Spiders In Your South Carolina Home

Spiders will often enter homes and create unsightly webs. They can also begin to reproduce and expand their presence.

Keep in mind that some of these pests are venomous spiders, including the brown recluse and black widow spider. If you do notice spiders everywhere in the home, it is a good indication that other pest-related concerns exist. Are wolf spiders poisonous to cats? If you believe that a spider bit your cat, you are encouraged to speak with a veterinary professional.

Do birds eat spiders? Yes. Some of the most common types of birds including robins and wrens will consume spiders.

How To Completely Eliminate Spiders In South Carolina

The best course of action for safely and effectively eradicating spiders is to consult with a local pest control professional. They will visit the property to perform a thorough inspection to determine the points of entry, the extent of the problem, and other critical factors. Seasoned pest controllers understand spider behavior and will develop a comprehensive plan that involves reducing conditions that attract spiders and also prevent them from making it indoors. 

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