Dealing With Spiders In Your Home: What You Should Know


When you are going about your daily life in your home, the last thing you want to worry about is any kind of pest infestation. However, even in the cleanest of houses, spider infestations can happen. Get to know some of the ways that you can deal with a spider infestation in your home. You can then start eradicating those spiders from your home once and for all.

Try Peppermint Oil

One of the ways that you may want to deal with spiders in and around your home is by using peppermint oil. This is an all-natural solution to pests in your house and can be used to keep spiders and other insects from coming in.

Fill a spray bottle with water and add several drops of peppermint oil to the water (20 drops should be sufficient). Then, spray the solution in the corners of your home and anywhere that there are cracks.

Insects are not fond of the smell of peppermint oil and will steer clear of the substance whenever possible. Of course, if you already have spiders in your home or you have a large infestation, peppermint oil may not be enough to get rid of your spider problem.

Vacuum and Declutter Regularly

If you want to get rid of spiders in your house, basic maintenance, and cleaning are two of your best weapons against them. When you vacuum regularly, you can potentially vacuum up egg sacs, spider webs, and spiders themselves from your floors and carpets.

In addition to vacuuming at least once a week (preferably more than once), you will want to try to declutter your home regularly. When you keep your home free of clutter, you take away the spiders' place to hide throughout your home.

Spiders will naturally avoid humans or try to stay out of the line of sight of larger predators and will easily find a home in a cluttered home or garage. Try to keep your home free of clutter and thoroughly clean and dust those areas that seem to always accumulate clutter.

Try Sticky Traps

While sticky traps or glue traps in the home are usually used for rodents or other insects like cockroaches, they can be useful in dealing with spiders as well. Place these sticky traps throughout your home, particularly in the corners of closets, in the basement and attic, and other such places. You will trap the insects that spiders prey on as well as the spiders themselves in the traps.

Call an Exterminator

If you have taken all of these steps in your home and you are still having trouble with spiders, the best idea would be to call an exterminator. Standard bug bombs and other pesticides that you can buy in stores are generally not designed to deal specifically with spiders. Instead, they deal with the insects that spiders feed on. Without insects to eat, spiders will be forced to look elsewhere for food and shelter. However, commercially available insecticides may not be potent enough and you might want to kill off your spiders immediately.

In these cases, an exterminator is the best choice for you. They not only have better and stronger pesticides than the commercially available options, but they also know where to look for insects in your home to make sure they get them all. The exterminator will be able to use spider-specific pesticides as well as general pest control solutions to get rid of your infestation once and for all.

Now that you know some of the ways to get rid of spiders in your house, it is time to get started and eradicate your spider problem. To get started with our professional pest protection services, contact The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. today!

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