Fire Ants In Leesville: Ways To Combat These Pesky Insects


Fire ants are a huge problem here in South Carolina. We’ve got all the rain and humidity they need to thrive. Our winters aren’t quite cold enough to kill them off over the cooler months. That’s a recipe for colossal fire ant problems.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what many Leesville residents deal with all summer long – and we are in full fire ant season right now. They’ve overcome the spring slump and are almost as active as they’ll be all year as they prepare for another cold season. Your Leesville pest control plan should focus on them now more than ever. 

How Can I Tell If This Ant Is A Fire Ant?

Fire ants in Leesville have a pretty distinct look. They’re rusty red on their heads and thoraxes, while their abdomens are dark brown. These are also tiny ants, typically no bigger than a quarter of an inch long.

Of course, there’s an easier way to tell whether your ant is a fire ant or not: the fire ant bite. Though most people refer to their venomous stings as bites, fire ants don’t bite. But the venom is injected using a tiny stinger on the abdomen. Either way, the experience is unpleasant – especially if you wind up with dozens or hundreds of stings. 

What Are The Differences Between Fire Ants and Other Ants?

Invasive fire ants aren’t that different from most of our native ant species. They live in colonies. They have queens. And they forage for food. The main distinctions between fire ants and native varieties are their defensive and nesting behaviors. Fire ants build considerable mounds in the dirt. These mounds can be found along sidewalks, in open fields, and anywhere convenient. These mounds are also much more extensive than native ant nests. They can be up to a foot high and a couple of feet in diameter.

Fire ants defend their mounds using highly aggressive tactics. Fire ants will pour out by the thousands if you disturb their nests, swarming like hornets and stinging as many times as it takes to get you away from them. Fire ants are easier to get away from than hornets, but even a single sting can put you in danger if you’re allergic. 

Why Are Home Remedies For Killing Fire Ants Ineffective?

D.I.Y. ant control solutions are ineffective for fire ants for one simple reason – they make them move. Granules and other solutions often don’t kill the queen, and if they do, fire ants can often replace their dead queen with a new one – assuming they don’t already have multiple queens to start with. So most of the time, even if your granules or other solutions kill a large portion of the nest, you’ll see the makings of a new one in as little as a few days. 

How Can I Get Rid Of A Fire Ant Infestation For Good?

You’ll need professional pest control services to get rid of a fire ant infestation on your Leesville property. The good news is fire ants are one of our specialties here at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination. “Elimination” is right there in our name, and we strive to live up to that standard every day. So we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your yard stays fire-ant-free all summer long. Call us or visit our contact page if you’re ready to get the fire ants out of your plants and get back to your outdoor summer fun!

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