Strategies For Long-Term Pest Control In Lexington


Just a few minutes away from Columbia, South Carolina, lies Lexington. This suburban hotspot is the perfect destination for families looking to escape big city life and settle into a modernized locale with a unique hometown vibe. Add the additional perks of unlimited outdoor and recreational opportunities, and you have an ideal town to raise a family. Even in ideal locations like Lexington, homeowners experience pest infestations, so it's essential to have a trusted pest control company nearby.

Pests That Lurk Around Lexington Homes

Most people anticipate the day they can finally own a home; it is one of the most significant investments they make during their lifetime. Owning a home comes with many perks and headaches, but one headache most folks don't anticipate is battling invasive pests. Homes in Lexington are susceptible to multiple local pests that occasionally find their way into homes.

Six types of pests that often lurk around Lexington homes include:

  1. Termites
  2. Ants
  3. Spiders
  4. Rodents
  5. Cockroaches
  6. Bed Bugs

Knowing a pest professional like The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. is nearby can be reassuring when pests invade homes. Our excellent reputation, quality work, and highly-trained experts can quickly diagnose pest issues and recommend effective solutions to restore homes to their pest-free condition.

The Impact Of Pest Infestations: Risks And Consequences

Local pests that get indoors can cause quite an upheaval. Not only can they cause the folks living there discomfort and anxiety, but pest invasions have certain risks and consequences.

Termites and carpenter ants are names that strike fear into the hearts of homeowners and with good cause. Both pests can devastate wood products in homes. While termites consume the wood, carpenter ants drill through it to establish nests. Over time, if left untreated, both termites and carpenter ants can structurally damage homes.

Another ant with a bad reputation is the fire ant. When you disturb these ants, they attack with a vengeance, inflicting a painful sting that can cause severe allergic reactions. While other species might not be quite as "famous" as the carpenter ant and the fire ant, all ants cause contamination, so getting them out of your house as soon as possible is essential.

In Lexington, homeowners must also deal with black widow and brown recluse spiders. These spiders would rather avoid people, but if they feel threatened or get trapped against your skin, they both have a bite that can make folks extremely ill. Other biting bugs making a comeback in homes are bed bugs. While their bites are typically painless, they can leave red, itchy welts on your body. Infestations from these bugs can quickly spread throughout your whole house.

Cockroaches pick up bacteria and pathogens on their bodies that they transfer to surfaces around the house, and rodents contaminate and constantly defecate on items. These pests bring severe health hazards to people and can affect the air quality in homes with their urine, saliva, or droppings. Rodents also have the added ability to damage wood products, electrical wires, and insulation (which they nest in). Damages can result in the need for extensive repairs.

Regardless of the pest that makes its way indoors, none are a positive addition to your household, and some can bring unsafe conditions to your home. If and when pests come to visit, it's good to have a pest control advisor like The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. nearby. We can provide peace of mind when local pests get inside homes.

Pest Prevention Tips: Safeguarding Your Home From Unwanted Visitors

Most home-invading pests would rather spend their time outdoors in their natural habitats. Still, when conditions outside degrade and cause them to look for food, moisture, or shelter, local homes often provide the perfect environment for their survival. Homeowners who regularly utilize simple prevention strategies can do much to safeguard their homes.

Pest prevention tips that can help safeguard local homes include the following:

  • Keep homes clean by wiping up spills, vacuuming regularly, removing garbage frequently, and storing foods in airtight containers.
  • Replace damaged door and window screens and weatherstripping.
  • Place screens over vents and drains.
  • Caulk gaps, cracks, and crevices, paying particular attention to places where utility wires and pipes enter homes.
  • Fix moisture, plumbing, and drainage issues.
  • Eliminate wood debris in yards, trim overhanging branches, and keep grasses low.

Addressing weak areas that can lead to a pest invasion is always wise, but desperate pests can prove persistent. When local pests do end up invading your home, The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. is a local pest control company that can provide services to eliminate pests from your home in a timely, safe, and effective manner.

Peace of Mind: The Stress-Free Benefits Of Professional Pest Control

Homeowners can enjoy the stress-free benefits of professional pest control when they partner with The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. Our company has provided safe, reliable, and quality pest control services to the Midland area of South Carolina since 1983. We are family-operated and do the job right the first time; we guarantee it. Our quality services also include eco-friendly treatments. When it comes to home-invading pests, you can only gain peace of mind when you obtain professional pest control in Lexington, South Carolina, from The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc.; call us today for a free inspection.

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