5 Tips To Control Bed Bugs In Your Hospitality Business

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Bedbug prevention is a big part of running your hospitality business since the high rate of traffic from overnight guests increases the risk of an infestation. While proper sanitation and hygiene are always an important part of pest prevention, bed bugs are undiscriminating about where they live as long as a human host is nearby.

While you might not always be able to stop bed bugs from being brought into your hospitality business, you can make sure that new infestations are treated properly. Use these tips to control bed bugs at your business so that every guest is greeted with a comfortable room to board in overnight.

Train Staff to Recognize Infestations

The staff at your business plays a big role in identifying infestations early. Teach the cleaning crew how to recognize the signs of a bed bug infestation such as spotting black specks along the mattress seams. There may also be small blood stains on the sheets in the morning.

Each hotel staff member should also be aware of the common features of a bed bug such as a brown-black flat body that is about the size of an apple seed. Keep in mind that bed bugs can resemble other types of pests so any sighting of an insect should be reported so that a professional inspection is arranged.

Prevent Spreading the Pests

Bed bugs tend to be spread to other areas of hotels and dorms when they hitch a ride on infested clothing or bedding. Implement a plan for the handling of dirty linens that includes placing them in plastic containers that do not come in contact with clean clothing or bed sheets.

If the building has a known active infestation, then you will also want to train the staff to take precautions before entering an infested room for cleaning. For instance, they may choose to wear shoe covers or switch shoes before and after working in the room.

The staff will also need to avoid bringing their personal belongings into the rooms. Provide the staff with a personal storage area such as a break room or locker where they can place their purses and other items when they are working. This prevents them from taking bed bugs home and bringing them back again.

Establish a Plan for Guest Complaints

You should always take guest reports of bed bugs seriously. In some instances, this could be your first warning that there is a problem, and early detection helps to prevent a widespread infestation that could tarnish the reputation of your business.

Make sure that your staff knows to provide the guest with another room immediately. They may also provide reassurance to the guest that bed bugs do not harbor diseases, and that your hotel has a bed bug prevention and treatment plan in place to address the issue right away.

Then, offer to provide laundry services to the guest, if they fear contact with the bed bugs has infested their belongings. Once the guest is satisfied with their new arrangements, schedule an inspection of the area immediately.

Inspect All Nearby Rooms

The discovery of a bedbug infestation in one room means that other areas may be infested since bedbugs can travel. Always have adjacent rooms inspected by the pest control technician once an active infestation has been identified.

Arrange for Regular Treatments

Businesses with high levels of traffic sometimes find it more effective to arrange for regular commercial pest control treatments that prevent and eliminate infestations. Talk to your pest technician to identify a schedule for services that work best for your business.

The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. provides commercial bed bug control services that help reduce guest complaints. Call to schedule a bed bug inspection today so that every guest in your business enjoys a peaceful night.

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