How To Get Rid Of Mice And Prevent Them From Returning


Rodents such as mice can be a big headache for any homeowner. These pests get into just about anything looking for food and warmth. They don't care at all if your home is clean or dirty, they're just looking out for themselves and trying to survive. These rodents may look like harmless, cute animals, but they can wreak havoc on your home by chewing through walls, wires, and whatever they want or need. Get rid of mice as soon as possible before that one rodent turns into several. See below for tips on how to get rid of mice and prevent them from coming back.

Look for Signs of Mice

  • Droppings. Check around your home for droppings, which will look like tiny black or dark brown pieces that look sort of like a sprinkle. These droppings may be near food sources throughout your home, so look in your pantry, on your stove, in spice cabinets, on your counter, or in other areas where you keep food or where you eat.
  • Nests. Mice will use a lot of different objects and materials to build a nest. It may look like a pile of shredded paper or lint, but it could potentially be a mouse nest.
  • Holes. Look around your home for entry points where a mouse may have come in. They can get into the tiniest of holes (as long as they can get their head through, they can fit their bodies). The holes will look chewed around the edges, so look for small, chewed-up pieces of wood or drywall around the hole.
  • Chewed wires. Mice can chew through quite a bit, so if you notice some wiring around your home looks as if it has been chewed, it could be a sign of a mouse problem.
  • Scratching sounds. If you hear scratching through the walls, you could have mice between your walls. Listen for any of these sounds, especially in the evening or early morning.
  • An actual mouse. If you see an actual mouse in your house, you indeed have a problem. Although it could just be one mouse, his friends, family, and distant relatives aren't too far behind.

Set Traps

Begin setting traps around your home to catch the mouse (or mice). There are several different types of mouse traps available, such as the snap trap, which lures mice to the trap with bait, then the trap will snap, catching (and usually killing) the mouse with a small metal bar. A different type of trap is one that does much the same thing, but it lures the mice inside the trap, so you can't see the mouse inside the trap. This is a good trap if you have small children or pets in your home. Poisonous baits are another option, although not a great idea if you have small children or pets. Use bait such as peanut butter or cheese to lure in the mice and freshen the bait each time you catch one.

Seal Entrances

Seal every hole you see around your home that could be a potential entry point for mice. Use steel wool inside the holes, then use silicone to seal the holes. Also, fill in cracks around your foundation with concrete caulking or a concrete patch kit. If you have holes in your siding, fill in these spaces with silicone as well. Make other repairs around your home too such as around door and window seals.

Stop Giving Mice Free Meals

Place food in air-tight containers and keep all food off of your counters. Wipe all food containers such as oil bottles and peanut butter jars, and wipe down counters thoroughly with bleach wipes. Sweep floors after every meal to keep crumbs off of your floor, and empty your garbage can often. Stop giving mice a free meal. If they aren't finding food in your home, it will help prevent them from coming into your house.

Mice are pests that you don't want taking up residence inside your home. Get rid of them quickly and help prevent them from returning with our effective rodent control services. Contact us at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. today for help to get rid of these rodents for good.

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