When Are Cockroach Infestations Most Common In South Carolina?


Something you might not know about cockroaches is that they are capable of surviving year-round in our South Carolina homes. This is because roaches only need warmth, food, and moisture to survive, all of which they can find right on your property. However, many South Carolina residents tend to see a spike in cockroach activity during the summer, even though these filthy insects are active throughout every season. Why is this? While cockroaches can find most of what they need to survive on your property, the summer heat provides them with the energy required to forage, breed, and reproduce.

When the temperatures start to drop, some of the cockroach activity outside will begin to decline. Unfortunately, for cockroaches to survive the winter, they must find a place that will provide adequate food and warmth. In addition to how disturbing it can be to find a cockroach infestation on your property, roaches contribute to the spread of bacteria and pathogens linked to several food-borne diseases. Some of the mistakes South Carolina homeowners make during late summer, and early fall, that can attract cockroaches include:

  • Providing cockroaches with a food source throughout fall and winter. Leaving leftovers on your counters, keeping your trash bins open, neglecting basic home cleaning, and allowing drink spills to leave stains on your carpet are all ways you may be passively inviting cockroaches inside.
  • Allowing cockroaches an easy way into your home. Roaches are tricky insects that can flatten their bodies to fit into tight spaces. If your house has any areas just large enough for cockroaches to squeeze through, you might have a problem. Gaps around doors and windows, cracks in your exterior walls or foundation, and holes in your window and door screens are perfect entry points for roaches.
  • Allowing moisture to build up in your home or on your property. Like many other insect pests, roaches thrive when provided with moisture. Leaking fixtures, faulty piping, and dripping faucets are things that might be contributing to a cockroach infestation without your knowledge. Often, this is why kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms are likely to be areas with higher roach activity.

For any roach problem you may be facing, The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. has you covered. If your South Carolina home needs any pest protection, we have licensed professionals who are ready to help. Reach out to us today to eliminate your cockroach infestation before they take over your property!