Keeping Rodents Out: Expert Control Strategies For Lexington Properties


Seeing rodents in the home can be a scary experience for any homeowner. When a mouse or rat enters your home, they will almost instantly start causing problems. They can chew through your walls and ceilings to access parts of your home that are difficult for the average homeowner to access. They will also leave their urine and feces all around your house, which could lead to you or your family members contracting dangerous diseases.

Our professional rodent exterminators at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. know the best way to prevent rodents from invading your home. We have spent years coming up with the most innovative and effective rodent control strategies for residential and commercial properties, and we can help ensure that you never have to deal with rodents on your Lexington property again.

Common Rodent Species: Identifying Different Types Of Rodents

Our local rodent control experts see a variety of rodents in Lexington. However, rats and mice are the rodents we often find inside homes and other properties.

The house mouse is one of the most common home-invading rodents we regularly find. These little creatures have small, round bodies measuring anywhere from 2 to 3 ½ inches in length. They also have long, hairless tails about the same length as their body.

The roof rat is another type of home-invading rodent. These rodents look similar to mice, but they are much larger. Sometimes referred to as the “black rat,” Norway rats have stocky bodies usually covered in black or dark-brown fur. They measure around 6 to 8 inches long and have long, scaly tails that can add 8 to 10 inches to their overall length. Their prehensile tails are usually slightly longer than their bodies, and they use them to balance on narrow and elevated surfaces.

The Norway rat is another common home-invading rodent commonly found in this area. They look similar to the Norway rat, but their bodies are usually longer and slender, and they have brown and gray fur. They are often called “sewer rats'' as you will find them in sewers, basements, and other underground areas.

The rodents in this area may look slightly different, but they are all able to cause extensive damage to your home and property. If you see any of these creatures in your home, don’t hesitate to call a local rodent exterminator right away. 

The Rodent Menace: Understanding The Threat Of Uninvited Guests

When a rodent enters your home, almost every object and surface is at risk of being damaged or destroyed. Our rodent control service technicians have seen these pests chew holes through homeowners’ walls, cabinets, beds, and furniture. They can also chew on the power cord to your TV, refrigerator, and other appliances and chew the electrical wires behind the walls.

They can also contaminate your food, home, and even the air you breathe by leaving their urine and feces all over your house. Some illnesses homeowners have reported contracting from rodents include salmonellosis, hantavirus, leptospirosis, and E. coli infections. 

Proactive Rodent Control: Preventing Infestations Before They Begin

Prevention is the first step to total rodent control. To rodent-proof your home, you will need to make sure that rodents are not able to access food or water in your home. You should also seal any cracks or gaps around your home to prevent them from coming inside in the first place. Other things you can do to prevent a rodent infestation include:

  • Regularly sweep and mop your floors to remove any food crumbs.
  • Put away your pet’s food dishes as soon as they finish eating. 
  • Fix any moisture issues around your home right away.

You should also check to see if there are any gaps around the exterior doors or windows of your home. Many rodents can squeeze through openings less than half an inch wide. If you have followed all these preventative steps but still see these pests in your house, a rodent extermination team can inspect your home to identify how and why the rodents are getting in. 

Professional Rodent Control: The Best Way To Keep Mice And Rats Away

Rodents are sneaky creatures that can hide in dark crevices and run extremely fast. Professional rodent control in Lexington is the only effective and permanent way to get rid of all rodents in your home. Call The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. today to schedule your free inspection and become one step closer to having a rodent-free house. 

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