Signs Of Termites In Your Lexington Home


Termites may be small, but they’re responsible for costing homeowners billions of dollars in property damage and repairs every year. Catching termite infestations early is the key to saving yourself some of that trouble. Here’s what Lexington homeowners should know about identifying termites, where to look for them, what termite damage might look like, and how pest control in Lexington can help. 

How To Identify Termites

Termites often get mistaken for ants, so it’s important to know how to identify this very damaging pest. Termites can look different depending on species and their role in the colony. Many termites still share a few defining characteristics: they usually don’t grow any bigger than ½-inch in length, have soft bodies, and have straight antennae. The one exception is the reproductive termites, which grow a little bit larger than the rest of the colony, up to an inch long.

Not all termites have wings, but the reproductive termites that fly in swarms will have wings that get discarded after mating season. These are the most likely termites to be spotted as they are the only members of the colony to venture out in the open.

Where To Look For Termites

Even if you know how to identify termites, do you know where you’ll find them? Because they eat wood, termites only leave their hiding spots when it’s time to swarm and hunt for a mate, so it’s a good idea to know where these critters may be hiding in your home.

The hiding spot can depend on the type of termite. Subterranean termites, the most common termites in the country, like to nest underground. You may not see their colony, but they often create mud tubes around the foundation that are easier to spot.

Drywood termites, which are also common, don’t need contact with the ground and can build their colonies just about anywhere in your house that has access to wood. Both types of termites enjoy moist environments, but it’s not a requirement. 

What Termite Damage Looks Like

Since you may not see live termites, it’s important to recognize the signs of their presence. The damage from termites isn’t always noticeable and usually doesn’t become evident for up to eight years after the infestation starts.

At first glance, termite damage can look a lot like water damage or wood rot. It may seem like your drywall is drooping or peeling, or it may feel like your tile floor has suddenly become loose. This is due to the extra moisture that termites introduce into your home.

Termite damage can also look and sound like hollowed wood. When you tap on your walls or step on your floors, the wood beneath you may sound hollow, which is accurate as termites eat through it. 

How The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. Can Help

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