Original Bugman Takes Steps to Protect South Carolina Residents Against COVID-19


The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus has had a devastating effect on businesses and people across the United States. To fight the pandemic, most state and local governments have decreed that people need to stay inside and avoid social gatherings where they could inadvertently pick up the disease or spread it to others. Unfortunately, if you’re stuck indoors with a pest infestation, that can make your living situation miserable. And with spring in full bloom, numerous pests are coming back into activity, putting your home at risk.

For many homes and businesses, pest control is not a want: it’s a need. Pests create several safety and health hazards along with various types of property damage, which is why pest control companies are now certified as an essential service by the state and state association. In the interest of public safety, Original Bugman has taken several steps to establish a safety protocol that will allow us to continue to serve homes across South Carolina with safe and effective pest control throughout this ordeal.

Our technicians now wear surgical face masks and surgical gloves while making stops on their routes, both to keep themselves protected and to limit their potential to expose others. If you have a service stop with Original Bugman, we’ll notify you ahead of time to set the schedule so you’ll know exactly when your technician will arrive. When our technician arrives at the customer’s house, he or she will call the customer and let them know they have arrived.

The customer at that time can open the door and let the technician in and stand back if they choose to do so. We will lay the invoice on the front porch and you can lay your check there as well or call in your debit/credit card.

In addition, with the consideration that most pests come in from outdoors, keeping pests from entering your home is as important as getting rid of them. To further protect your home, family, and pets, you can elect to treat your home with exterior services only. We are always happy to provide interior service at your specific request.

These steps help us limit direct person-to-person exposure during this crisis, giving our customers the maximum protection we can provide by guidelines set in place by the government of South Carolina.

Thus we have protected our customers and our technicians as well as we possibly can according to the guidelines of South Carolina. With your cooperation, we believe we can make the best of a bad situation and allow you to keep safe from the coronavirus while remaining pest-free. 

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