Four Sure Signs Of Cockroaches In Your South Carolina Home


Few creatures on earth are associated with filth more than the cockroach, but even the cleanest home can host a cockroach infestation. While some cockroach species prefer to live out in the wilderness, many live alongside human beings, where they spread disease and contaminate our homes and businesses. These pests are unfortunately all too common but many homeowners won’t even see roaches in their home if they have an infestation. That’s why knowing the signs of cockroaches in South Carolina is so important.

About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are nasty house guests. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from smaller German cockroaches measuring about ½ inch to the large American cockroach that can exceed 1 ½ inch in size. Regardless of their particular species, what roaches have in common is their bottomless appetite and knack for inhabiting disgusting places. Cockroaches are frequent visitors to dumpsters, toilets, and sewers, where they pick up harmful diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

While you might catch a cockroach scurrying across your floor when you flip on the lights, you aren’t likely to see any roaches until an infestation has become severe. Cockroaches are experts at evading and hiding. Their flat bodies allow them to comfortably squeeze through cracks and shelter themselves under heavy appliances. So, before you see cockroaches in the flesh, you’re more likely to spot signs of their presence.

Four Signs Of Cockroaches To Look Out For

  • Droppings: Cockroaches love to eat, and consequently, they have a lightning-fast metabolism. Roach droppings appear in piles and can resemble black pepper or coffee grounds in appearance. 
  • Smears: Greasy smears will appear in high-traffic cockroach areas. As the roaches travel, they leave behind smear marks in areas of high moisture. The smears often appear at the junctures of floors and walls around the home.
  • Odor: Cockroaches often produce a foul odor as an infestation develops. The smell can be caused by living roaches, but dead and decaying cockroaches contribute to the putrid stink. 
  • Eggs: Finding cockroach egg cases is a sure sign of infestation. These long brown sacs called oothecae can resemble a stack of pennies or a large bean depending on the species. Roaches breed quickly, and finding their egg cases is evidence of an infestation. 

Why Cockroaches Are Dangerous

Cockroaches are more than just nuisance pests; these bugs are renowned for their ability to spread pathogens. They are responsible for contaminating food and surfaces alike and can cause diseases like salmonellosis, cholera, dysentery, and more. They will eat anything and everything and can cover a lot of ground to satiate their appetites — meaning that they can contaminate a wide area in your home.

If an infestation is severe enough, cockroaches can even cause allergies. Irritants from shed skin, droppings, and saliva mingle in the air irritating the lungs and skin. People have been known to develop asthma and eczema as a result of prolonged exposure to air contaminated by cockroach particles.

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