Why Are There Ants In My South Carolina Home In The Winter?


Learn More About Area Ants

To effectively prevent ants, you should know a bit more about these pests, specifically what species are present in our area. Here are a few common ants around South Carolina and what you need to know about each.

Pavement Ants: Pavement ants are black to reddish black and are often mistaken for carpenter ants. These invasive pests love building their nests around concrete and are most commonly found around driveways, sidewalks, and paved streets. To find food or stay warm during the winter months, pavement ants invade homes.

Pharaoh Ants: Pharoah ants are yellowish-brown and are one of the few species of ants that carry and spread disease. Two common diseases these pests transmit include salmonellosis and streptococcus. Pharoah ants enter homes to scavenge for food and make nests in odd places such as between pieces of stationary clutter, layers of bed linens, and inside piles of clothing.

Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants are red and black pests. As their name would suggest, these larger ants use their skills to build homes out of structures of wood, specifically, structures that are water-damaged, rotting, or in decay. If your home has been affected in these ways, it could be at risk of a carpenter ant infestation.

Red Imported Fire Ants: Red imported fire ants are not house pests, but they do cause serious trouble around yards. Not only do these pests build unsightly nests around yards, but they also bite and sting. Living up to their name, a sting from one of these pests elicits a burning stinging sensation.

Why Ants Invade Homes In The Winter

Ants do not like cold weather. As temperatures drop outdoors, many species of ants will be looking for places to stay warm. If your home allows these pests a way inside, they will invade and find places to build their nests. This is especially problematic with carpenter ants as these pests severely damage homes with the way they build nests into structural wood.

How To Prevent Ants

When ants come looking to invade your property this winter, your goal should be not letting them in, and not giving them any reason to invade in the first place. To help you prevent ants around your property, here are some useful tips to try:

  • Trim tree branches and bushes away from your home’s exterior and mow regularly.
  • Eliminate clutter and debris around your property.
  • Inspect and repair damage to gutters and exterior water fixtures.
  • Repair or replace structural wood around your home that is water-damaged, rotting, or decaying.
  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps and cracks around window and door frames and in your home’s foundation.
  • Make sure your home’s window/door screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps are in good condition and installed properly.
  • Keep your home clean and tidy.

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