Four Signs You Have Termites


Termites are mostly known for eating wood. They can cause a ton of structural damage to a home, so get rid of them before they cause too much destruction.

Sticking Windows and Doors
Termites that infest windows and doors can cause them to stick. This is because they eventually cause the door and window frames to become misshapen.

Finding Wings
Termites generally swarm into a home. They rise from the ground, and using their wings, they fly into the walls to make their home. If you see wings on the floor, then you likely have termites.

Hollow Wood
If you have any reason to be concerned of having termites in your home, try gently tapping on wood structures. In the event it sounds hollow, then termites may have eaten the inside.

Presence of Mud Tunnels
Termites tend to track mud with them. If you spot what looks like tunnels on the outside or inside of your walls, then it is likely termites are the culprits. These tunnels will often lead to wherever their nest is located.

Termites are troublesome creatures to deal with. The only way to be sure they are gone from your property is to leave the extermination to the professionals. Contact Bugman Pest Elimination for expert termite treatment today.


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