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There are very few people who like to hear scratching in their walls, especially as they're trying to go to sleep. Those sounds usually mean rodents have found their way into your walls, and rodents can bring all kinds of misery with them. But we want to encourage you to change the way you think about those sounds. While we certainly understand the dread you feel in your heart at the thought of rodents moving through your walls and crawling around in your kitchen at night, those sounds are a good thing--because most of the time, rodents don't let you know they're living with you. Mice and rats are sneaky creatures that make little or no sound when they get into a home. And, when you don't know you have a rodent infestation, those rodents can harm your property and make you sick without you realizing it. Here are some of the problems that come with a rodent infestation and why is it important to call a professional if you suspect you have rodents.

5 Rodent Threats

Contaminated food - Mice and rats are dirty animals in many ways. They sleep in their own urine and feces, they leave urine and feces everywhere they go, and they hang out in dumpsters and other filthy places. When they get into your foods, they can quickly contaminate them and cause sickness in your South Carolina home.

Contaminated food surfaces and dishes - Mice and rats carry harmful bacteria in their bellies and also on their fur. As they move over your dishes and silverware, they can deposit invisible, illness-causing bacteria as they go.

Holes - Rodents can make holes as they get into your home and also as they explore your home. This can allow water and bugs to get in and heat to leak out.

House fire - When rodents get into your home, they're going to chew on building materials to gather resources to make their nests. As rodents chew on insulation or gnaw through drywall, particle board, etc., they can chew through wires. If a wire is live, it can spark a house fire and that can lead to a catastrophic loss of property and possibly a loss of life.

Ticks and fleas - Rodents can bring ticks, fleas, mites, and other parasites into your home. Some of these parasites spread dangerous diseases that can lead to lifelong health complications.

If you're hearing rodents in your walls, that is a good thing. And, with so many ways rodents can threaten your health and your property, it is best to call a professional if you suspect that you have a rodent infestation.

For rodent control in South Carolina, contact the Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. Our QualityPro Certified team is one of the best in the industry. We'll make sure you get the best rodent monitoring and control available.

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