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What Smells Do Mosquitoes In South Carolina Hate? 

Mosquitoes are a pest that South Carolina residents can’t ever get rid of. Not only are they itchy, scratchy, no-good biting pests, but they are virtually all-encompassing here in the south. Mosquitoes are a pest that we tend to feel more than see, but there are some characteristics to be aware of in your South Carolina backyard....

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Five Quick & Easy Rodent Prevention Tips For South Carolina Homeowners

Wars are not won in one day, especially when they are fought against rodents. These furry home-invading pests do not take no for an answer and are practically built to cause you trouble. The question is, are you prepared to fight back? If your answer is yes, here are five quick and easy rodent prevention tips to use around your South Carolina home....

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Why Year-Round Pest Control Is A Great Idea For Your South Carolina Home

Pests are far from a once a year problem, and certainly not a problem that is easily solved. To keep these annoying, dangerous, and destructive creatures out of your home, there is only one solution to consider: year-round pest control. If you have never considered the benefits of professional pest exclusion services, today is your day to start. Here are some benefits to year-round pest control...

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What You Ought To Know About Jumping Spiders In South Carolina

With a name like the jumping spider, one has reason to be concerned. Are their spiders here in South Carolina that might jump at you? Are these spiders dangerous? If so, what could you do to keep such a pest out of your home? We have all of your answers today and some helpful tips and tricks to keep jumping spiders out of your South Carolina home. ...

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Why Are There Ants In My South Carolina Home In The Winter?

Do all of your doors and windows have locks? Does your home have a security system that alerts you when suspicious activity occurs? Do you have a dog that barks loud anytime someone comes to the front door? If so, you are protected against human invaders. Unfortunately, the same prevention tips that work for thieves don’t work for ants. If you are looking for a reliable way to deter ants ...

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