What types of spiders are common in our area?

We've all probably seen a spider or two hanging around inside our homes or found spider webs on our properties. This is because spiders are very common pests. In our area of South Carolina, there are many different species of spiders found living in and around homes and other buildings. Some helpful information about each of these spider species as well as some useful prevention tips and professional advice on dealing with the spiders commonly found in South Carolina can be found below!

Black Widow Spiders

black widow spider

Black widow spiders are easily identifiable by an orangish-red “hourglass” marking on the underside of their abdomen. These spiders also have light red or white markings on their abdomen and backs, and their round body is shiny-black in color.

 Black widow spiders create their irregular-shaped webs at ground level. The black widow spider’s venom is strong enough to cause serious health problems in humans.

Brown Recluse Spiders

brown recluse spider

Adult brown recluse spiders range in color from a yellowish-gray to a dark black color, and their abdomens are covered in gray hairs. Their long legs are darker in color than their bodies. Brown recluse spiders have a distinct, “violin-like” pattern found on the top of their bodies and have three pairs of eyes arranged in a semi-circle. Their venom is strong enough to cause serious health concerns in humans.

Jumping Spiders

jumping spider

Jumping spiders have the ability to jump 25 times their own height. Jumping spiders are easily identified by their stout bodies and thick, powerful legs. These spiders are black, brown, gray, or tan in color with pale markings.

 Jumping spiders are considered nuisance spiders. Other than startling people with their quick jumps, they pose no real health concerns for humans.

Common House Spiders

house spider

Common house spiders are the most common species found living inside homes and other buildings. Adults range in size from 3/16th to 5/16th of an inch in length. Their exact color can vary greatly but they are typically yellowish-brown. They have distinct, dark chevron markings on their bodies and legs.

 House spiders typically reside in dark, quiet corners of homes, building and abandoned webs as they try to capture prey. The house spider's venom is not strong enough to cause any serious health consequences in humans.

Wolf Spiders

wolf spider

Wolf spiders are fast-moving spiders and tend to startle people with their quick movements. Instead of using a web to catch their prey, they chase and “hunt” down their prey just like their namesake, the wolf.

 Wolf spiders are dark brown in color, typically boasting two dark stripes on their backs. Wolf spiders have great eyesight. Their bodies are stout, they have long legs, and they are covered in hair.

Long-Bodied Cellar Spiders

long bodied spider

Long-bodied cellar spiders have long, skinny legs and small bodies. They are pale yellow to light brown or gray in color. They are found living in dark, damp places like cellars and basements.

Long-bodied cellar spiders build loose, irregular webs in corners, and hang upside down on the underside of them. They continually build new, in order to catch prey. They are considered a nuisance spider and pose no serious health risks to humans.

The black widow spider and brown recluse spider are considered dangerous spider species while jumping spiders, common house spiders, wolf spiders, and long-bodied cellar spiders are all considered nuisance spiders and pose no health risks to humans.

 The venom from a black widow spider is strong enough to affect a person’s nervous system. Symptoms may include stomach pain, fever, and difficulty breathing. These symptoms usually go away within a few days and don’t result in long-term complications. The severity of the symptoms depends on the individual, the location of the bite, and the amount of venom injected.

 Brown recluse spider bites may also cause health problems in people. Their venom can result in necrosis, causing the tissue around the bite to ulcerate and the skin cells around the wound to die. It can take months for the skin around a bite to completely heal and the bite wound is prone to infection.

 In the case of a bite from either a brown recluse or black widow spider, medical attention should be sought immediately.

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  • How do you prevent spiders?

    Unfortunately, spiders are very common household pests. However, the following tips can help prevent problems with spiders inside your South Carolina home: We offer excellent pest control services throughout Leesville and other areas of South Carolina.

    • Remove wood piles and construction debris from your yard and property.
    • Seal cracks and openings on the exterior of the structure.
    • Make sure that all door and window screens are intact, and repair any torn screens.
    • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors, especially basement doors.
    • Make sure that weather stripping around windows and doors is completely intact.
    • Trim overgrown landscaping, shrubs, and bushes away from the exterior of your home.
  • How do I get rid of spiders?

    The easiest way to eliminate spiders from your home and prevent their return is to contact a spider control professional, like the trusted South Carolina exterminators at The Original Bugman Elimination, Inc. A professional will provide an accurate identification and inspection along with effective treatment services.

    At The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc., we offer affordable and highly-effective spider control services throughout Lexington, Columbia, and the Midlands of South Carolina. Our quarterly home pest control Protection Plan works to solve problems you may be experiencing with spiders and other common house-invading pests. To learn more about our spider control and treatment services or to get started with our professional spider control services, call now and schedule an appointment!

  • Why do I have a spider problem?
    Spiders prefer to live outside in out of the way places where they can hide unnoticed. Common spider hangouts include gardens, dense landscaping, woodpiles, tall grasses, under piles of mulch or leaves, in construction debris and between rocks and stones. Spiders often enter homes, sheds, barn, garages and other buildings while searching for prey. This is especially true in the colder months when the prey they feed on moves inside to escape the harsh winter weather.

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