Help! There Are Mice In My Lexington Home!


If you see a tiny mouse running around your home, you might have one of two reactions. Some people will shriek with fear and run away as they find these rodents extremely scary. Other people will think the mouse looks extremely adorable and want to make it their pet as they can be rather cute. However, finding wild mice around your Lexington home is dangerous, and whether you like mice or not, they shouldn’t be allowed to remain in your home.

The common house mouse is one of the most prevalent home-invading pests in the state and throughout the country, and this is because they have become dependent on humans for their survival. They use our buildings as places to nest and find cover from harsh temperatures and predators. Our homes also offer them easy access to food and water sources.

Because of this, mice are particularly challenging to keep out and remove, but with the right information, you’ll be prepared to handle any mouse infestation.

What Do House Mice Look Like?

The common house mouse is only around four to six inches long, including its long, thin tails. These fur-covered rodents have pointed muzzles and their ears also look large compared to their bodies. Their bodies are a brownish-grey color, while their underbellies are a lighter cream color.

Just How Dangerous Are Mice Anyway?

Don’t let the size of a mouse fool you. These tricky little rodents can create big problems. To start with, they can destroy property as they chew through many materials with their strong teeth. They can damage plastic, furniture, drywall, wires, pipes, and more. This can lead to structural damage or the destruction of personal belongings.

Then, there are the health risks that mice pose. They are known to carry many different illnesses, including salmonella, rat-bite fever, and hantavirus. They may also bring parasites like ticks and fleas around, which can spread even more illnesses. To top it all off, mice’s droppings, urine, and fur can lead to many respiratory problems. 

Six Truly Effective Mouse Prevention Measures

There are challenges to keeping mice out, but there are also effective steps you can take to deter them. Here are some tips to follow to make your property less appealing to mice:

  1. Store pet food indoors and keep food items stored in sealed containers.
  2. Seal up cracks and crevices with steel wool or other materials that mice can’t chew through. Any gaps that are as big as a dime are large enough to be entry points for mice.
  3. Cover vents, chimneys, and other possible entrances into the home with wire mesh.
  4. Get lids for trash cans that rodents can’t get inside.
  5. Clean up your kitchen daily and wipe up food and drink spills immediately.
  6. Contact home pest control experts for ongoing assistance.

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Remove Rodents On Your Own

If mice are already around your home, they are extremely difficult to remove because they are so prolific and adept at sneaking around in dark, hard-to-reach areas. Many products, like traps and baits, meant to remove mice only get to some of the individuals and can be dangerous to have around, especially if there are kids or pets in the house.

Instead, give the experts at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. a call to schedule an appointment for our rodent control services. Our team can remove the entire infestation and provide ongoing prevention services.

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