How Dangerous Is It To Have Roaches In My South Carolina Home?


If you have cockroaches in your home, you’re well aware of how nasty these pests can be. However, if you don’t consider roaches a serious health hazard, this is a dangerous misconception. The more you know about cockroaches in your home, the more you’ll realize why professional solutions are the best way to protect what matters most to you. Get the facts on the dangers of cockroaches and the best way to create a roach-free home in South Carolina.

The Serious Danger

Cockroach problems can become extensive before you even realize you have a problem. These pests are afraid of light and human interaction, so they will hide within your walls after squeezing into your home through a variety of cracks and crevices. Cockroaches have flexible outer shells that allow them to fit into almost any space that they want allowing them to remain undetected for weeks.

Once you go to bed, they will search through your kitchen and meal preparation areas for any loose crumbs. Cockroaches can live on just a few crumbs for weeks, so even well-maintained homes present many different meal options for them. Unfortunately, cockroaches can spread dangerous bacteria throughout your property that can lead to salmonella, E. coli, and more.

Cockroaches also give off a pathogen as they move about your home. This pathogen can turn wallpaper yellow over time and even lead to severe allergic reactions and asthma attacks for both adults and children. Even their discarded skin can lead to problems with allergies, along with creating a very uncomfortable living space.

Roach Prevention And Eradication

If you have cockroach problems or begin to see the initial signs of them, then it’s important to reduce their attraction to your property in hopes of them moving on or at least slowing the rate of infestation. Remember, it is very difficult to get rid of roaches on your own because of their elusive nature and flexible outer shells. It can even be dangerous to try to get rid of problems on your own, as allowing the infestations to linger will increase health threats. That’s why reducing their attraction to your property is the best way to prevent a prolonged cockroach problem.

Here are the best ways to reduce cockroaches on your property:

  • Maintain the lawn regularly.
  • Store food and trash properly.
  • Clean regularly to avoid loose crumbs.
  • Manage moisture problems around your property.
  • Seal up cracks and crevices with silicone-based caulking.

Even though these methods can help you avoid a problem, seeing just one or two cockroaches in your home during the day can indicate a serious infestation. If you notice signs of cockroaches, there is very little you can do to get rid of the problem completely. That’s why putting your trust in professionals is the best way to keep your home and family safe from these dangerous creatures.

Partnering With The Pros

At The Original Bugman Pest Elimination Inc., we provide the kind of cockroach control that you can count on when your family’s health is on the line. We will conduct a thorough inspection to get to the source of the problem before giving you cockroach prevention tips for your specific property. We will then treat the inside and outside of your home thoroughly to eradicate any existing problems. Don’t wait until the health problems become too serious to handle. Give us a call to schedule an inspection with one of our highly experienced residential pest control experts.

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