6 Myths About South Carolina Termites You Probably Still Believe


Many rumors have been raised about termites over the years. So many so, that it can be difficult to find reliable truths when searching the internet. If you have any questions about termites, they should be answered today. Here are 6 myths about termites, and what you need to know to protect your South Carolina home.

Termite Myth Number 1: Termites Are Part Of The Ant Family

If you have ever seen a termite, you would agree that they look strikingly similar to ants. This similarity in appearance has led many people to think that termites and ants are related. The truth is, that termites are not even closely related to ants. Although both are insects, termites have many distinctions, including body shape, wing shape, and body length, that set them apart.

Termite Myth Number 2: Termites Can Eat Through Concrete

You may have heard it said that termites can eat through concrete. This myth is commonly used by swindlers to attract your business as it makes termites seem like superhero pests. In reality, most concrete is too dense for termites to tunnel through. If concrete lies between termites and wood they want to eat, they will simply build mud tubes to cross the gap.

Termite Myth Number 3: A Brick House On A Concrete Slab Is Safe From Termites

Many homes are made primarily of brick, stone, and cement. Homes in Florida are almost entirely made out of these materials to make them less attractive to termites. These materials, however, do not make a structure impervious to termite problems. If any materials in your home are made of wood, such as your internal walls, ceilings, or fixtures, termites can still be a problem. All they have to do is find a crack or gap to squeeze inside.

Termite Myth Number 4: It Only Takes One Treatment To Deal With Termites For Life

Termites are treated in several different ways, none of which are permanent. Bait stations need to be replenished, products have to be reapplied, and homes have to be maintained for termites to be kept at bay. If you ever hear about a permanent solution for termites, do not believe your ears. It just doesn’t exist.

Termite Myth Number 5: Termite Infestations Are Easy To Detect

If a pest was eating away at your home, you would know it, right? Wrong. Although extremely destructive, termites are one of the hardest-to-detect pests out there. Unlike beavers who can devour wood quickly, termites take years to severely damage your home. How are they able to go unnoticed for so long? Stealthily of course. It is not uncommon for termite problems to go unnoticed for years. It’s only when windows and doors become hard to open, wallpaper and paint start bubbling, and floors and stairs become squeaky that homeowners tend to discover termites.

Termite Myth Number 6: DIY Termite Control Is A Reliable And Cost-Effective Option

Because termites are so hard to spot, treating them on your own can be a risky task. Even if you believe you have applied products correctly, there is no real way to know if they are working, without of course waiting and hoping no signs of termite problems present themselves. This uncertainty can lead to over-treating, overspending, and overstressing. We don’t want this for you.
At The Original Bugman Pest Elimination Inc., we know how hard termites are to get and keep out of homes. For this reason, we have done our research and acquired the absolute best treatments for termites. These treatments, put into the hands of our highly trained and dedicated team ensure your home will have the best protection possible against termite infestations.
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