How Roaches Find Their Way Into Lexington Homes And How To Get Them Out


Have you ever seen a roach? Although they are all over the place here in Lexington, these pests are adept at avoiding detection, even when they are inside local homes. There is a chance that these pests are inside your residence right now.

Today we will discuss why cockroaches invade homes, how they get indoors, and what pest control in Lexington is best to deal with infestations. If that is what you are looking for, keep reading. For immediate help with existing pest problems, call our team at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. We have excellent options for cockroach control and would be happy to remove these pests from your property.

Species Of Cockroaches That Commonly Invade Lexington Homes

It is important that you understand what types of cockroaches live here in Lexington. To make this easier for you today, here are the five species common in our area and how to identify each:

  • German cockroaches are the most common species in our area. Identify this pest by its light brown to tan ½ to ⅝ inch-long body and the two almost parallel dark lines that run down its back. 
  • American cockroaches are the largest species of roach in our area. Identify this pest by its reddish-brown, one ¼ to 2-inch long body and the yellow figure eight-shaped mark behind its head.
  • Oriental cockroaches love moisture and are often called water bugs. Identify this pest by its shiny black 1-inch-long body. 
  • Brown-banded cockroaches produce at alarming rates. Identify this pest by its light brown, ½” long body and the two light brown bands across its midsection.
  • Smoky brown cockroaches can fly and often buzz toward lights at night. Identify this pest by its mahogany brown 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inch long body.

If you are having trouble with cockroach identification inside your Lexington home, do not worry. Our team at The Original Bugman Pest Eliminators, Inc knows how to identify these pests and would be happy to visit you to assess the infestation inside your home.

The Health Hazards Roaches Bring Into Your Home

When cockroaches invade homes, they bring trouble with them. More specifically, these pests have a bad habit of getting into nasty things. Roaches regularly climb through garbage, sewers, and over dead animals and rotting meat. They eat a lot of dirty items when in these places, leaving them teeming with sickness vectors. The German cockroach alone can carry 33 harmful forms of bacteria, seven human pathogens, and six parasitic pests. That is a lot of ways for them to get you or one of your family members sick. Another problem associated with roaches is asthma and allergic reactions. This comes from interactions with their fecal droppings and shed skin.

If you are looking for ways to avoid this type of sickness, you need to have some form of cockroach control in place to prevent these nasty bugs. We will talk more about this in a bit.

How And Why Cockroaches Find Their Way Into Your Home

Cockroaches are highly motivated to invade homes in our area. The three main reasons they invade include:

  1. To find food
  2. To find moisture
  3. To find shelter

If you didn’t know, cockroaches can eat just about anything, including things that people eat and odd items like book glue, toenail clippings, and sewage. As for moisture and shelter, these nasty insects love tucking themselves away between large kitchen appliances, boxes in basements, and other tight and wet areas.

If you are looking to stop cockroaches, you should address moisture issues, eliminate clutter, and do your best to keep your interior spaces clean. This will reduce your chances of an infestation. To get these pests out, your job will be difficult. To make things easier, bring in our team for a consultation.

Call The Pros To Completely Get Rid Of Roaches

There is only one way to guarantee cockroaches get and stay out of your home, and that is by hiring a pest control professional. For services you can trust, turn to our team at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. We are an experienced pest control provider that understands roaches. Let us use advanced service methods to remove and keep cockroaches out of your home for good.

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