The Dangers Of Cockroaches In Your South Carolina Home


Several species of cockroaches are common in South Carolina. These species include the American Cockroach, German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, and Brown-Banded Cockroach. Each of these species poses dangers to your home and health, and as a South Carolina resident, it is essential to know what these dangers are and why it is so difficult to get rid of cockroaches.

Identifying Species of Cockroaches

Although any type of cockroach in your home or business is unwanted, each species has traits that can make them even more undesirable than the next.

American Cockroaches:

  • Dark reddish-brown color
  • The yellowish figure-eight pattern behind their heads
  • Wings and are capable of flight
  • Largest house-invading species of cockroach, usually 1 ½ to 2 inches in length

German Cockroaches:

  • Light brown or tan with two black stripes down their heads
  • Flat and oval-shaped body
  • A small species, ½ to 5/8 of an inch
  • Most common invading cockroaches and will feed on almost anything

Oriental Cockroach:

  • Black in color
  • Smooth and shiny bodies
  • About 1 inch in length
  • Give off a bad, musty odor

Brown-Banded Cockroach:

  • Light brown color
  • Brown banding across their wings
  • About ½ an inch in length
  • Prefer dry and high locations such as the attic

How Gross Are Cockroaches?

Most people know that cockroaches are gross and can pose dangers to any home or business. However, the risks of cockroaches are often understated. Cockroaches can carry many different pathogens that cause diseases such as:

  • Salmonellosis
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery
  • Plague
  • Leprosy
  • Giardia

Cockroaches live and breed in filth-ridden places like sewers and dumpsters, where they can pick up pathogens. When in a home or business, they leave waste, shed their skin, and leave traces of saliva, all of which can transfer pathogens and be a trigger for asthma.

These health concerns caused by cockroaches can quickly be overshadowed by the reputation damage a cockroach infestation can cause a business. Getting rid of an infestation in a timely and discrete manner can make or break a business.

Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are tricky pests to eliminate from your South Carolina business or home. This is because of their strong immune systems, resistance to conventional pesticides, the ability to wait out the opportunity for food, and reproduction rate. When getting rid of cockroaches, the results can vary depending on how many there are, how clean the space is, and how old the building is.

Unlike most others, these pests have a complete set of genetic material, which means they can adapt to pesticides. They also have genes that allow them to eat a wide variety of food, from obvious human leftovers to cardboard and blood.

Continuous prevention is an integral part of eliminating cockroaches because they can keep coming back looking for food, water, and shelter that your home or business can provide.

Professional Help With Cockroaches

If you have a cockroach infestation in your South Carolina home or business, it is best to contact the professionals at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, INC. Cockroaches are tough to get rid of once they are on a property, which is why you should let professionals help protect you, your family, and your business from the dangers of cockroaches.

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