Why Is Commercial Pest Control Important For Apartments In Chapin


If pest control is vital for single-family residences, it's twice as vital for your Chapin investment properties. Rental properties are a lot more difficult to keep pest-free because there are so many factors you can't control. You don't have a say in where your tenants travel or what they do outside their homes. And to a large extent, you cannot control whether they follow pest prevention best practices in their units. That's why commercial pest control in Chapin is so vital for all your rental units. 

Why Is Commercial Pest Control Important For Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings are especially vulnerable to certain types of pests because of the issues we discussed above – namely, that you cannot ensure your tenants are doing their part to prevent pests. They might be attracting cockroaches or rodents by not covering their trash or leaving dirty dishes in the sink. They might also introduce bed bugs into your building upon returning from travel. You have no way to ensure they'll take the same pest prevention measures you do. That's where a commercial pest control plan comes in. 

What Pests Does Commercial Pest Control Treat For?

Commercial pest control services can treat whatever you need! Here at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, our commercial specialties cover everything from termite removal to bed bug control to roach and rodent treatments and more. Whatever you need, we'll be there for you!

The Problems Pests Can Cause In Multi-Family Dwellings

Pests can be a huge problem in multifamily dwellings because they have so many more avenues for entry and fulfillment. For example, you have many more people opening doors and windows than in a single-family home. This offers even more opportunities for pests to enter. You also have more people producing more garbage and more dirty dishes for pests to take advantage of, which can cause all sorts of issues.

Of course, putting your tenants' health and property at risk is a major problem. Roaches, rodents, and other common apartment pests all spread dozens of major diseases that can sicken your tenants. Rodents may also destroy tenants' property by chewing or ripping it up. Rodents chewing on electrical wiring have also been known to start house and apartment building fires. In fact, up to a quarter of fires with unknown causes may be attributable to rodents! Not to mention the destruction a termite infestation can wreak on your commercial space.

Of course, all these issues don't just put your tenants at risk. They also put your bottom line at risk. Tenants may sue for property damage or bodily harm if pests cause them issues in your building. Pests can also ruin your business reputation and cause you to lose potential new tenants. Nobody wants to move into a building known to be infested with roaches bed bugs or rodents, so it's vital to maintain properties free of these pests to preserve your income. 

Complete Pest Control Services For Apartment Buildings

Because you cannot dictate whether your tenants take appropriate pest prevention measures, you'll need to start with a quality pest control service right out of the gate. The good news is we've got your back at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination. Our commercial services can protect your apartment complexes and other commercial residences from all the most common pest infestations around – as well as some uncommon ones! So if you're not willing to let pests take the money out of your pockets, give us a call or visit our contact page to schedule a commercial inspection today!

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