The Best Way To Protect Your Leesville Home From Termites


When you look at your home, do you get hungry? Termites do. These small insects love to eat anything made out of wood, including your home’s support beams, floors, ceilings, baseboards, and other important structural features. If you like these features un-bitten, you are in the right place.

Here is the best way to protect your Leesville home from termites and the factors that attract these pests in the first place. For fast, professional services to deal with these destructive insects, call The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. Let us show you why so many trust us with pest control in Leesville.

Signs Of Termite Activity To Watch For Around Your Home

It isn’t always hard to tell when your home has a termite infestation. The longer these pests chew on wooden structures, the more pronounced their presence becomes. Here are some signs of termites you can use to identify a problem inside your home:

  • Mud tubes around your home’s exterior
  • Termite swarmers
  • Sagging drywall
  • Overly squeaky floorboards
  • Bubbling or peeling wallpaper or paint
  • Tight-fitting doors and windows
  • Dipping floors and ceilings
  • Buckling beams
  • Other visible structural damage

When termite infestations begin, these pests are extremely difficult to identify. Only after months of damage do these signs start to present themselves. To spot termites early, schedule your home for a detailed wood-destroying insect report; this is the best way to identify these pests early before they cause serious damage.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Cause To Your Home

Termites are slow eaters. They aren’t going to destroy your home in a week. It takes several months for any real sign of damage to show up. The only problem is that termites are also quiet. They regularly go undetected for several months and can grow their colonies exponentially during this time. When homeowners spot termites, the damage they have caused is already severe. If you don’t like the thought of your home’s structural wood chewed to bits, you must implement long-term termite control; this is the only real way to prevent problems before they occur and protect the equity of your home and property. 

Factors That Attract Termites And How To Remove Them

Termites are only drawn to properties by one thing, edible wood. Now, different kinds of termites are like different types of wood. For example, dry wood termites like sun-damaged and untreated wood, and subterranean termites like wood that is moisture-damaged or softened in other ways. You are more likely to have trouble with these pests if you have wood or wood-based items in your yard, including cardboard, sticks, leaves, newspaper, and dead trees. The best way to deter termites is to remove these tasty treats and invest in long-term professional care for your home and property. 

Contact The Pros For Total Termite Control For Your Home

There is no easier way to deal with termites than to call a professional. At The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc., we make it our mission to make termite control easy. We offer simple and affordable options to remove, identify, and prevent a wide range of invasive and destructive species. Whether you are looking for a yearly wood-destroying insect report or complete coverage to control termites, we have what you need here.

Contact our professional team to learn more about our offerings and schedule your Leesville home for termite treatments. Trust us when we say there is nothing better than knowing that destructive insects will not damage your home. 

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