Who Else In South Carolina Wants To Get Rid Of Fire Ants For Good?


Fire Ants: Nature’s Nuisance

Playgrounds, picnics, backyards, sidewalk-chalk canvases…nowhere is safe. Fire ants are a scourge to a variety of outdoor activities and can cause health risks in your home as well. These pests can be identified by their copper/black color and stinging bites. While these two characteristics are the reason fire ants got their name, several different kinds of fire ants thrive throughout various regions of the world.

Unfortunately, no matter the specific kind of fire ant, they can be awfully tough to get rid of.

The Most Problematic Of Pests

One of the most common and invasive species of fire ants in the Southeastern United States is the red imported fire ant, which is often referred to as the RIFA. These ants create issues for homeowners, farmers, and people trying to enjoy recreational outdoor activities. While these pests are harmful to humans with their painful stings, they can also be deadly to pets, livestock, and anyone with an ant-bite allergy. Whenever their colonies, which are formed within mounds of dirt, are threatened, they will attack and sting repeatedly to defend their queen.

Eradication Methods (And Their Pitfalls)  

Since RIFA colonies can produce hundreds of new fire ants each day, their mounds grow quickly. Getting to the source of the colony's growth can be difficult, as most of the worker ants are solely tasked to protect the queen. Imagine having only one task to focus on each day; you’d probably be pretty good at it.

There are several household remedies out there that claim to eradicate fire ants from your lawn or the entryways of your home. Many people think that boiling water does the trick. If you watch how the ants react to a pot of steaming water being poured on their heads, you’d think you’d succeeded in their demise. However, this only kills the surface ants and rarely has any effect on the tunnels or the queen. It’s the same with dish soap, baking soda, peppermint, white vinegar, or (speaking from experience) even driving a truck tire right over the mound. If you don’t find a way into the tunnels, whatever surface ants you kill will be replaced within a week.

A True Solution

At some point, when these fire ants pose a risk to your animals, your children, and your peace of mind, it’s time to stop messing around with small arms fire and call in the big guns. The best way to get rid of a fire ant infestation and keep it gone is with the help of the professionals at The Original Pest Elimination, Inc.

Our experienced pest technicians have been dealing with RIFA colonies for decades and we understand how to infiltrate these colonies to achieve the permanent results you need. We know which bait each kind of RIFA colony will react best with, and we know exactly when and where to use the baiting systems to achieve the best results. Once the worker ants find the bait, they will take it back to the queen thinking that it is food. With the queen poisoned, our technicians will take care of the rest of the mound with the latest in drenching technology that is not only safe for your yard but also for your children and pets.

Don’t leave your family’s health up to chance. Give us a call today so we can take care of your fire ant problem for good.

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