Things Every South Carolina Residents Should Know About Bed Bugs

Bed Bug

Bed bugs are small, parasitic pests that are the shape and size of an apple seed and primarily feed on the blood of humans. These nocturnal insects usually hide in gaps and cracks during the day and come out at night to feed. While other insects seek entry points to your property, bed bugs don't. Bed bugs can’t jump or fly. Instead, they hitch rides into homes on personal belongings, luggage, and clothing. 

How to Identify a Bed Bug Infestation

When bed bugs infest a South Carolina property, they will leave signs of their presence. If you know what to look for, you might be able to identify them. Some of the signs you can look for include:

  • Bloodstains on bed sheets, blankets, and cushions
  • Spots of excrement on pillowcases and bedding 
  • Tiny white bed bug eggs
  • Rows of itchy red bite marks on your legs and lower body
  • Shed skins
  • Dead or living bed bugs

Identifying a bed bug problem is critical to avoiding the effects an infestation can have on your health. While the rows of red itchy bumps might be concerning, the problems bed bugs cause don’t stop there. Bed bug infestations can lead to sleeplessness, irritation, and fatigue. In severe cases, a person may develop anemia, which is a condition caused by not having enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to muscles and tissues.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny pests that will take every opportunity to travel on anything and anyone. Wherever people are, bed bugs can be too. Unfortunately, this makes bed bugs nearly impossible to keep out of a South Carolina home. While bed bugs can be hard to prevent, there are a few precautions you can take to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you after traveling. 

  • When traveling, avoid setting your items, bags, and luggage on the floor of public spaces. Some locations that can be high in bed bug activity include airports, libraries, movie theatres, and public transportation.
  • Inspect your hotel or motel room for signs of bed bugs. If signs are present, stay at a different hotel or ask to be moved to another room.
  • If you suspect bed bugs have been hidden in your belongings or clothing, throw all infested belongings into the washer in the highest heat setting as soon as you return home.
  • Avoid bringing used furniture and mattresses into your home until after you have inspected them for bed bugs.

Due to their tiny size and resilient nature, bed bug infestations are best left to the professionals. DIY tips and solutions are often ineffective or only complete part of the job. If even one adult bed bug, nymph, or egg is not eliminated, your South Carolina home risks future infestation. Here at Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc., we provide thorough bed bug inspections, accurate identification, and comprehensive bed bug treatment options. Our service professionals are dedicated to keeping your home pest-free. Contact us today for more information about our effective bed bug control services.

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