How Concerned Should I Be About The Cockroaches In My Columbia Home?


Columbia is the busy and beautiful capital of South Carolina. While this city is perfect for those with an active lifestyle, it also comes with all the pests that are common in big cities, including cockroaches. If you need pest control in Columbia, SC to get rid of roaches, keep reading to find the best solution for you.

Three Problems Cockroaches Cause In Columbia Homes

While you may not immediately panic if you see one cockroach in your Columbia home, this is never a good sign. Seeing one roach usually means there are other cockroaches nearby, especially if there are access points like open doors, windows, cracks, or holes that they can use to get into your space.

Here are three common problems that the cockroaches in Columbia, SC can cause when they infest homes:

  1. Health Problems. A cockroach infestation is more than just a nuisance. These pests are a health hazard to you and your loved ones. Since roaches breed and live in and around pipes, sewers, and trash, they can carry and spread dangerous bacteria to humans and pets. They transmit these diseases through food or utensil contamination. Some of the most common diseases that roaches can spread are cholera, dysentery, E. coli, giardia, gastroenteritis, listeriosis, salmonellosis, and typhoid fever.
  2. Food Contamination. If cockroaches have made their way into your home, they are probably breeding there too. This means that you’ll need to be extra careful with your groceries or any food left unsealed since roaches will take advantage of these food sources and contaminate as much food as they can. If this food is consumed, it could make you and your family sick, plus you’ll need to throw out any contaminated items.
  3. More Pests. If you have a roach infestation in your home, you could soon have a spider infestation too. Spiders prey on insects like cockroaches, so if there are cracks or gaps in your home, spiders may be drawn inside to feed on the roaches living in your house. To avoid inviting dangerous spiders into your home, get rid of roaches as soon as you see them.

These problems are just some of the issues that a roach infestation can bring. Don’t risk your health and home! If you see roaches, we suggest you seek professional assistance immediately.

How Did These Cockroaches Get In My Columbia Home?

If you see signs of a cockroach infestation in your Columbia home, you may be wondering how those roaches got into your house in the first place. Like most other pests, cockroaches enter our homes in search of food, shelter, and warmth. Unfortunately, roaches are experts at exploiting any cracks or holes they can find to get into your home.

Other factors that may be attracting roaches into your house include the geographic location of your house and the landscaping around your home. If you are wondering how to deter cockroaches from getting into your space, keep reading for some helpful prevention tips.

Cockroach Prevention Guide For Everyone In Columbia

Although we do not recommend DIY pest control in Columbia as a way to get rid of cockroaches, there are some effective prevention tips that you can follow to help avoid roaches in the home.

Here are a few cockroach prevention tips that work:

  • Clean up any food crumbs you come across, wash your dishes daily, and completely seal all food containers.
  • Fix leaky pipes and ensure that there is no standing water inside or outside your home.
  • Seal any potential entry points that could allow roaches into your home, such as cracks, gaps, and holes.
  • Take out your trash regularly, making sure that your trash bags are sealed and your garbage cans are closed tightly.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of cockroaches in Columbia for good, we recommend contacting us for cockroach control services near you.

Top Reasons To Consider Professional Cockroach Control In Columbia

If you need cockroach pest control in Columbia, SC, The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. is your solution. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping South Carolina residents get rid of cockroaches and other pests. We’ll start our comprehensive pest control process by performing a thorough home inspection to locate any entry points and signs of cockroaches. Following this inspection, we’ll talk with you about treatment options to find the best one for your needs and apply your cockroach treatment. We’ll also return for follow-up visits to help you maintain a pest-free home. Reach out today, to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Columbia, and to schedule a free inspection with The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc.

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