Why South Carolina Residents Need To Prevent Termites This Summer


a large swarm of yellow tined termites damaging south carolina home
Termites love the heat and humidity of South Carolina summers and can be a serious threat to homes. As spring gets underway, termite swarming begins and termite activity increases. Termites are not a pest that you can feasibly eliminate on your own so it is essential to get professional treatment through an experienced pest control company.

Why Termites Love South Carolina

Termites prefer warm and humid weather, and South Carolina provides exactly that. Unfortunately for us, our state is home to Drywood, Subterranean, and Formosan termites. All three are destructive but Formosan termites, sometimes known as the “super termite,” is the most destructive of the three and can have colonies with termites numbering in the millions.

When to Expect Swarmers and Termite Activity

Termites typically swarm in the spring after a warm rain. However, in South Carolina, they may swarm again through the summer in smaller numbers. When they swarm, they are leaving their colony in search of a mate to establish a new colony. This is the time when you might see the most termite activity. However, this doesn’t mean that this is when termites are most active. When they are most active building their colonies through the summer and fall, they are hidden behind walls, inside timber, or under your floors doing extensive damage to your home. Once established, they can continue to stay active in your home year-round if the conditions are right.

Why Prevention Through Professional Treatment is Essential

Termites are nearly impossible to control with DIY methods. While you can do your best to keep your home and property dry and free from wood debris to discourage termites, it’s usually ineffective. Having a professional termite treatment and prevention plan is paramount to protecting your home. At The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. our technicians are experts in treating termites.
We will come to your home and do an inspection to determine the level of termite infestation you have. Then we will discuss treatment options with you. Next, we will employ a termite prevention program that includes Termidor which is the number-one termite defense product. Finally, we will come out periodically to make sure that there are no further termite problems in your South Carolina home.


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