What It Takes To Keep Dangerous Roaches Out Of Your Lexington Home


Cockroaches are dangerous and bring many health and safety problems to your Lexington home, especially if an infestation is allowed to run wild. For cockroach control that you can count on, Lexington pest control specialists are your best option.

The Dirty Habits And Behaviors Of Common Cockroaches

All common cockroaches in the Lexington area share similar habits and behaviors when it comes to walking through unsavory areas, spreading bacteria and pathogens, and contaminating the food or surfaces of your home. Cockroaches are dangerous because they routinely march through areas such as sewers, dumpsters, and across waste piles, picking up diseases that they introduce into your home

Furthermore, cockroaches love hiding out around kitchens, bathrooms, and food storage areas. One of the most prominent signs of cockroach infestation is sightings of this pest around these common areas or traces of smear marks and droppings left behind in these cockroach hot spots.

How Roaches Spread Germs And Trigger Allergies

As cockroaches invade your home, they bring all the traces of bacteria and pathogens they acquired outside. When the roaches walk across your home’s surfaces, invade food storage areas, and hide out around your house, they leave behind traces of these illnesses, increasing your chances of becoming sick.

Additionally, cockroaches trigger specific allergies and respiratory issues, including asthma. Roaches have a protein in their skins that contributes to breathing issues, and as these pests run around your home, shed their skins, and contaminate surfaces, the risk of allergic reaction or asthma attack increases. Cockroach feces and saliva can contribute to allergic conditions, leaving you and your loved ones at serious risk for significant health issues. The larger your cockroach problem is, the more likely you will acquire germs and allergic issues.

Five Easy And Effective Cockroach Prevention Tips

Follow these five easy and effective tips to learn how to prevent cockroaches in Lexington and stop this pest from running wild around your home:

  1. Stop cockroaches from entering your home by sealing cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation. For this process, you can also use window and door screens in addition to the weather stripping.
  2. Refrain from leaving out leftover food, dirty dishes, and food or drink spills, as access to food sources will attract this pest inside.
  3. Always seal trash bags tightly and dispose of trash promptly using trash cans with lids to prevent cockroach scavenging.
  4. Keep interior areas decluttered and consider using airtight containers for food storage to reduce indoor cockroach harborage spots.
  5. Cut down long grasses outdoors and remove debris such as fallen fruit, leaves, and branches, in addition to storing woodpiles far away from the home to remove roach hiding spots.

For more information on protecting your home against cockroaches, contact our team of experts at The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. at the first signs of this pest invading your home.

The Secret To The Most Effective Cockroach Control In Lexington

The most effective cockroach control in Lexington isn’t DIY cockroach control products; it’s reaching out to The Original Bugman Pest Elimination, Inc. for professional assistance. Our team knows the best way to kill cockroaches and will stop at nothing to protect your property from the many health and safety issues that cockroaches cause. We will eliminate active cockroach infestations on your property and return your home to a safe, hygienic space.

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